How To De-stress

Stress is our normal physical and psychological reaction to an imagined or real stimulus.  The ever increasing demands of modern life usually causes the stress in most people.  If left unchecked, stress can turn into a chronic condition that results in significant negative consequences to our health.

If you feel anxious or moody, have headaches and trouble sleeping, those are red flags that you are stressed.

Stress can cause significant problems on our ability to have a good night sleep.  Chronic stress cam lead to heart disease, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers, immune deficiencies and other maladies.

Taking good care of yourself is an important way to cope with the stressors in our lives.  Take time to check in with yourself.  Organize your thoughts and have a list of things to do so you can face your commitments for the day.

Enjoy a massage or take a leisurely bath to release tense muscles.  Find an outlet like creating art or music or connect with hobbies that give you joy.  Do something new to preoccupy your mind.

Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet to keep stress under control.

Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, visualization and mindfulness are relaxation techniques that are invaluable for maintaining your health and decreasing the toll stress can take on your mind and body.

Slow down, stay focused and increase your sense of well-being by practicing the art of relaxation.


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